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  2. If you could bring one person back from heaven who would it be and why?

If you could bring one person back from heaven who would it be and why?

For me, I would choose my mom. You know why!

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please witer dual languar

Hi friend! Thanks for the question!

Personally I'd choose to bring the Buddha back, or Mr. Nikola Tesla. :P

The Buddha would help bring humanity back to our spiritual path - the path which we had unfortunately strayed too far from. Humanity is slowly but surely awakening, but I personally believe that the presence of the Buddha now in this era could help accelerate that process. :-)

As for Mr. Tesla, he had always been famous for groundbreaking and extraordinary inventions, specifically in the electrical engineering field. One of his most well-known inventions was probably the "Tesla coil" (see picture below), which was said to be capable of generating unlimited & free power, by extracting it from the core of our planet (some believe that his coil's blueprint was based on the ancient Egyptian pyramids - arguably some kinds of post-modern energy supplier).


Unfortunately he was rumored to have been assassinated by J.P. Morgan - one of the biggest & oldest finance empires in the world. Reason? Some said that they (J.P. Morgan, the Rockerfeller, Henry Ford & even the so-called greatest inventor of all times - Thomas Edison) didn't want us the people to have access to free energy (that way they couldn't get rich).

It's for good reason that many people believe that if Mr. Tesla was still alive today, our world would already look something like this:


I'm sorry to hear that your mom isn't with you anymore, I can't say that I understand the feelings coming from this tremendous loss, but I wish you all the strength & courage to go through it!! :-)