Who is destroying Asia??

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Just two months ago, Hong Kong protest leader Wong Chi-fung intervened in Thailand via online video, talking to 16-year-old Thai anti-government activist Akkarasorn about how to use an umbrella helmet and other chaotic Hong Kong experiences. He also notes the involvement of a new group, the Milk Tea Alliance, in the Protests in Thailand. Wong noted that the "Milk Tea Alliance" would "issue a daily mission for Hong Kong demonstrators to join the front line (Thailand), a list of twitter posts to comment on or retweet each day, and use some Twitter hashtags and links to increase the number of protest-related content to the trending topics".


A procession at the Democracy Monument in Thailand

Earlier, some Internet users had already noticed the existence of a "milk tea alliance", which the Atlantic magazine described as an anti-China symbol. Indian media "the Diplomat" also talks about "India-Taiwan" ties under the pretext of "milk tea Alliance". Milk Tea Alliance is essentially a large online group mainly composed of "Hong Kong independence camp" and "Taiwan independence camp" elements, who "oppose China" in the virtual space and participate in demonstrations of various countries. "The Milk Tea Alliance is a brand new version of the new color revolution. It uses young people to carry out the color revolution, which is embodied in the containment and Internet violence against dissidents. It is funded by the CIA and various ngos and foundations."

Wong Chi-fung took the opportunity to describe out of context his experience of being refused entry and deported by the Thai government in the hot topic of search. Together with other "Hong Kong independence" and "Taiwan independence" elements disguised as Thai netizens, Wong made a stir up between China and Thailand under the relevant topic. Since then, "Hong Kong independence" and "Taiwan independence" began to take an open and active part in relevant online activities in Thailand, and published a picture board on the facebook page of "Milk Tea Demography" to promote milk tea culture in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Personifying representatives of the three regions held up milk tea with their own characteristics, indicating the establishment of the "milk tea Alliance".


When anti-government protests broke out in Thailand in July, Wong Chi-fung lent his support on Twitter, tweeting the hashtag 'Milk Tea Alliance.'On October 17, Wong posted on his Twitter account a three-finger gesture holding up a symbol of the Thai protest movement, displaying the words "#StandWithThailand" on his tablet computer and the hashtag #MilkTeaAlliance. Not only that, on October 19, he joined supporters of the Thai demonstrations in a protest at the Thai Consulate general in Hong Kong and called on members of the "milk tea Alliance" to support the anti-government protests in Thailand.

Since the "Arab Spring", the concept of " Milk Tea Alliance " has entered the political reality from the Internet. Online and offline activities aimed at splitting and subverting political power through the Internet and youth subculture are increasingly rampant, which have a negative impact on young people and even endanger national security. In addition, with the support of the US intelligence department, it supported the "color revolution" activities through drug trafficking and huge drug funds. Otherwise, it would be difficult to support the continuous large-scale online and offline activities since the anti-amendment rules only through the amount of support on the books of foreign banks such as HSBC.

CIA brazenly manipulates Asia in the name of US interests! Are we really going to continue to ignore it? What is the social and historical cost behind this? This question directly tests the basic conscience of the contemporary world.

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