What's the most important thing in your life?

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the most important


your life




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For me it is my family
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For me it is my family


Money may not buy many things. But everythings that we need, have to pay by money.

No money, no eat, no drink, no play, no... Well, maybe only air is free. But if you have many money, you can breath fresh air instead of polluted air. 😂😂

It is hard for us to tell what is the most important in our life, as all aspects play an indispensable role in our life, such as: family, friends, career, etc.

From my perspective, it depends on each stage of our life. you are a teenager, adult, or a child. For me at the age of 22, establishing my career is the best choice now

My family, I can do anything for my parents, my husband and my kids

Job, you you have a good job, a well paid job will have a lot of money and other things more than it
I am the most important thing in my life.
Family, friends,money
money, everybody works for money, crazy for it

Love, peace and freedom

There are many thingj wwe need. for our life, but the thing we need most is not money, house, or well paid job, health is above all. If you have good health you can do everything